Year 6 Test Results 2018

St Elizabeth’s is very proud of our past Year 6 pupils who performed extremely well in their National Curriculum Tests (SATs) in the Summer Term 2018. The children exceeded both the National and Local Authority Averages and they made excellent progress throughout their time at school.

St Elizabeth’s % of pupils achieving
Reading, Writing, Maths Expected Standard 90%
Reading Expected Standard 90%
Reading Higher Standard 60%
Reading Average Scaled Score 110%
Writing Expected Standard (Teacher Assessment) 93%
Writing Higher Standard
(Teacher Assessment)
Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Expected Standard 97%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Higher Standard 60%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Average Scaled Score 113%
Maths Expected Standard 97%
Maths Higher Standard 46%
Maths Average Scaled Score 110%
Science Expected Standard (Teacher Assessment) 97%