Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!  Year 1 is very exciting as it builds upon the children’s achievements in the Foundation Stage and introduces them to the National Curriculum.  They are supported through this transition as they experience more structured, whole class learning.   Whilst ‘choosing time’ is gradually reduced, children are still engaged in lots of practical, hands on activities, using a range of resources to develop concepts.  

Literacy, Mathematics, reading and handwriting are taught daily and the remaining curriculum subjects are taught using a topic approach.  The children continue to receive daily Phonics, often led by Fuzzy Phonics the puppet Macaw and in the Summer Term each child’s phonic knowledge is statutorily assessed.  RE is a vital part of the Year 1 curriculum and the children become familiar with the life of Jesus in the Gospels through their regular RE lessons and class assemblies.

Pupils continue to develop their creativity and imagination by exploring the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes. They learn about the role of art, craft and design in their environment.  One of the topics that Year 1 children really enjoy is designing and making their own room which gives them a wonderful opportunity to use their imagination.

Children are particularly encouraged to improve their communication skills by speaking and listening carefully.  The role play area is frequently changed to match the topic taught within the classroom, and performances and acting are actively encouraged.  There is a ‘Show and Tell’ session each week where children can bring in an item that is special to them or an object relating to a topic which they would like to talk about.  Every child is given this opportunity and encouraged to think of open ended questions to ask their peers.

In Year 1 children will enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum, enhanced by a variety of inspiring workshops and visitors. Children will also enjoy memorable visits to The Richmond Museum and a local area walk to Richmond Park.  

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Miss Lana-Marie Burr
Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs. Fiona Sutter Year 2K Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fiona Sutter
Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Denise Zappone
Year 1 Teaching Assistant/Learning Support Assistant