Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!  Year 6 is an exciting and important year when the children not only prepare for the End of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Assessment, but also take on greater ownership when leading collective worship; participate in a school journey abroad; perform in the end of year school play and prepare for the transition to secondary school.

We encourage the pupils to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient. They begin to understand how to take more responsibility for their own learning and progress. This includes the importance of sport in keeping healthy, reading for pleasure, numerical fluency and reasoning, creativity, researching and editing written work, as well as reflecting on their progress. They begin to take responsibility for knowing what homework needs to be done, when it is due in and ensuring it is handed in on time. In addition they learn how to stay safe, work together and support others, as well as look after their own and other’s belongings.  Favourite theme topics in Year 6 include Titanic, World War II (including computer coding) and France.

As part of the preparation for the transition to secondary school, the children are given the opportunity to volunteer and undertake a variety of roles and responsibilities throughout the school. Some of the most popular of these are leading Class Prayers, Class Mass and Class Assemblies. Other responsibilities include taking on the role of Class Monitor, Sports Leader, Charity Officer, School Council Representative, Pupil Parliament Representative, Junior Safety Officer and Peer Mentor.

When asked what their best memories of Year 6 were, a pupil said ‘I love Year 6 because we do lots of fun lessons such as Mathematics, English and P.E. One of my favourite subjects is Art because we make lots of different creations’.  Other pupils said ‘I really enjoy ICT where we made our own WWII themed books which we published!’ and ‘I like everything in Year 6, particularly being the Holy Table monitor and our school journey to France’.

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Mrs. Deirdre Forsdick Year 6Ω Class Teacher

Mrs Helen Goldsmith
Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs. Lizzie Knowles Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lizzie Knowles
Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jeanne Briggs Year 6 Teaching Assistant