Parent Partnership

At St Elizabeth’s we believe that good education is a partnership between home and school. The home environment has a great influence on the child’s future – both in the development of the whole person and in his/her academic success. Our aim is to work together with parents, believing it is the best way to secure each child’s spiritual, emotional and academic development.

As a school, we aim to be open to parents so that they feel they can talk to us on any matter about their child, whether this be relating to their academic progress and development, or relating to matters on how well their child is settled in school life. We are also keen to understand if a child has a particular interest or talent so that we can support them to fulfil their potential.

If you would like to discuss your child’s progress and development, or any other matter, please speak with your child’s class teacher to arrange an appointment which can be on the telephone or in person. Class teachers would appreciate it if appointments are made after school rather than in the morning when they are preparing for the school day. You can also contact the school office with your request who will liaise with the class teacher to confirm your appointment.

Following your meeting with the class teacher, if you feel you would like to discuss the matter with more senior members of teaching staff or with the Headteacher, please liaise through your class teacher or contact the school office.

In the event that a class teacher has a concern or question about a child, the teacher will advise the parents and make arrangements to speak with them.

Parent and Teacher meetings are held each term and a formal written annual report is written at the end of the Summer Term.