Headteacher Weekly Updates and School Newsletters

Headteacher Weekly Updates

Mrs Hines, Headteacher, sends a ‘Weekly Update’ to all parents sharing highlights and successes for the week, notifications of upcoming events and educational visits, as well as school news and articles of interest for our school community. The Weekly Update is an enjoyable read for parents at the end of the week.

Click here to read the Weekly Updates for this school year.

School Newsletters

In the Autumn and Summer terms, there is a school newsletter that is sent to our parent community sharing more detailed information on school news and highlights, including recent educational visits, sports achievements and class activities.

Click here to read our St Elizabeth’s School Newsletter Autumn Term 2017

In addition, parents receive a Religious Education Newsletter.

Learning about the faith of others forms an important part of our school RE curriculum.  Each year there is a whole school curriculum focus on another faith.  All children in Key Stage 2 visit a place of worship in our locality and we invite speakers to talk to all classes.  Our pupils have recently visited the Kingston Mosque, the Richmond Synagogue, the Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir, Wembley and the Sikh Gurdwara, Southall.

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