At St Elizabeth’s we believe that good education is a partnership between home and school. The home environment, particularly in the early years, has a great influence on the child’s future – both in the development of the whole person and in his/her academic success.  Our aim is to work together with parents, believing it is the best way to secure each child’s spiritual, emotional and academic development.  

The school believes that ‘homework’ is a significant process in this partnership as it serves as a two-way communication between parent and teacher through the child’s work.  By the very nature of homework, parents are kept informed of their child’s learning, enabling them to better support them with their progress.  

The school believes that the expectations relating to homework in the older classes should be more demanding than is the case for younger classes. These children are preparing for their move to secondary school and it is vital that they have opportunities to develop habits of responsibility and self-discipline in the organisation and completion of homework assignments.

We acknowledge the value of children participating in after-school activities, such as Brownies and Cubs, sports clubs and music lessons etc. We therefore intend that the home-school tasks provided will allow sufficient time for such activities to be enjoyed by the children.

The homework schedule for each year group is published to help parents track their child’s learning path at home.  

Year 1 Homework Schedule
Year 2 Homework Schedule
Year 3 Homework Schedule
Year 4 Homework Schedule
Year 5 Homework Schedule
Year 6 Homework Schedule