Physical Education

At St Elizabeth’s, we believe in the importance of delivering a high quality Physical Education Curriculum which promotes and supports physical development and the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for self and others through a range of activities.

Our goal is to help pupils recognize their variety of physical talents, to promote an enjoyment of all aspects of physical activity and to foster healthy competition and achievement.

We have a sports pitch on our school site and we are also fortunate to use our local secondary school, Christ’s School’s sports field each week for outdoor games in Key Stage 2.  Our pupils participate fully in all the Richmond Borough sports leagues and our PE provision is enhanced by a wide range of sports, gymnastics and dance clubs.

In the Foundation Stage (Reception Class) and Key Stage 1, pupils follow a Fundamental Skills Programme (FSP) covering a range of skills including balance, jumping, skipping, catching and throwing. These are taught in isolation as well as through games, gymnastics, dance and athletics. Pupils are given the opportunity to experience competitive and co-operative physical activity.

In Key Stage 2, pupils participate in a wide range of games activities including netball, football, rugby, volleyball, tennis and rounders.  They follow an athletics programme in the Summer Term. Pupils also experience gymnastics and dance, developing sequences, a range of movement patterns and core skills.  In addition, all pupils participate in swimming sessions throughout Key Stage 2 and Outward and Adventurous Activities through residential visits.  

We also provide the opportunity for our older pupils to develop their leadership skills by participating in a Sports Leaders Course. This enables them to assist in extracurricular activities and sporting events during the year, including regular inter-house competitions.

Click here to view the Statutory Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets for Physical Education.

Mr Neal Sagar
PE Co-ordinator