The Curriculum

At St Elizabeth’s, a curriculum has been developed which will encourage every child at each stage of learning to fulfil their potential across all curriculum areas.

Religious Education

At St Elizabeth’s, we aim to embed a relationship of love between child and God, and between the child and other people in a community. Religious Education fosters this relationship through daily prayer, Acts of Worship and Celebrations of Liturgy. As a Catholic school we feel it is important that children learn how to co-operate with others, respect others and forgive others. The study of other faiths is an important part of our Religious Education curriculum and visits to places of worship are an integral part of these studies. Click here to read our Religious Education Curriculum.  


At St Elizabeth’s, we believe that English is fundamental to all learning.  It equips pupils with the skills, knowledge and concepts to access all learning and make progress across the curriculum. English provides opportunities for pupils to express themselves in spoken and written form in a variety of contexts and enables pupils to formulate and organise their thoughts.  We are very proud of our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 libraries which are exciting, vibrant and well-used spaces. Click here to read our English Curriculum.  


At St Elizabeth’s, children are introduced to a range of strategies to be used when calculating. They begin by learning simple strategies to support mental calculation and are later introduced to informal and formal written methods of recording their calculations. Click here to read our Mathematics Curriculum.


At St Elizabeth’s, we believe Science is a key subject for allowing children to fulfil their natural curiosity and interest in the world in which they live. Our aim is to develop essential skills of questioning, predicting, testing, communicating and drawing conclusions. Click here to read our Science Curriculum.


At St Elizabeth’s, Art is taught within a creative curriculum to engage, inspire and challenge pupils. Children are given the knowledge, skills and confidence to experiment and create their own works of art by using a range of tools and materials in increasingly challenging ways.  Click here to read our Art Curriculum.


At St Elizabeth’s, we aim to involve all pupils in performing and composing Music, and to encourage them to listen and appraise with sensitivity.  Every class receives a music lesson each week from a specialist music teacher and our curriculum is enriched by our school choir and orchestra and weekly hymn practice.  In Year 2 all children learn to play the recorder and in Year 4 all children learn to play the saxophone and clarinet. A wide range of individual instrumental lessons are provided by the Richmond Music Trust. Click here to read our Music Curriculum.

History and Geography

At St Elizabeth’s, we aim to stimulate children’s interest in the past and the World around them by encouraging them to ask perceptive questions and make links between periods and places using a range of evidence.  The study of History and Geography promotes both collaborative group work and independent inquiry and we look to use digital technology where possible in all year groups. We also aim to teach History and Geography topics across the curriculum in other subject areas and our class English texts often relate to a period or place studied. Click here to read our History and Geography Curriculum.


At St Elizabeth’s, the Computing curriculum is an important part of our children’s education. Our aim is to ensure that each child acquires the knowledge relevant to adult life in a fast changing technological world. Our ICT suite enables us to teach valuable computing skills to whole class groups and the use of tablets in the classrooms enhances the teaching of other curriculum areas. E-Safety is a vital part of all of our ICT teaching enabling our children to become safe, confident and well-informed internet users. Click here to read our Computing Curriculum.

Design & Technology

At St Elizabeth’s, Design & Technology is an important part of our children’s education as it encourages the development of problem-solving skills which are relevant across the whole curriculum.  We teach children to apply their knowledge and previous experiences, as well as help them to embrace their own individual expertise, flair and imagination. Click here to read our Design & Technology Curriculum.

Physical Education

At St Elizabeth’s, we believe in the importance of delivering a high quality Physical Education Curriculum which promotes and supports physical development and the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for self and others through a range of activities. Our children take part in a wide variety of sporting activities in school and within the Borough of Richmond and all Key Stage 2 receive swimming lessons. Click here to read our Physical Education Curriculum.

Modern Foreign Languages

At St Elizabeth’s, we value the teaching of a Modern Foreign Language as we believe that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience in preparation for future life.  In Key Stage 2, all children are taught French. The school also offers extra-curricular after school clubs in French, Spanish and Mandarin. Click here to read our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum.

Personal, Social & Health Education

At St Elizabeth’s, Personal, Social and Health Education is about growth and development of the whole person.  Our curriculum enables children to explore their feelings, develop empathy with others and solve problems through collaboration with others.  Our curriculum is enhanced in our annual ‘Health and Safety Week’ when visitors from the Police, London Transport, London Fire Brigade and health professionals lead workshops with all year groups. Click here to read our Personal, Social & Health Education Curriculum.