Design & Technology

At St Elizabeth’s, Design & Technology is an important part of our children’s education as it encourages the development of problem-solving skills which are relevant across the whole curriculum.

In Design & Technology, we teach children to apply their knowledge and previous experiences, as well as help them to embrace their own individual expertise, flair and imagination.  It is important that children also learn to question their skills and strategies in order to perfect them.

At St Elizabeth’s, we aim to help all pupils achieve the following techniques of design :

• Identifying needs and opportunities;
• Generating a design proposal;
• Planning and making;
• Evaluating, refining and planning for future action;
• Designing systems comprising of more than one part, e.g. a ‘pop-up’ greetings card, a drawbridge with a lever action and pneumatic systems.

Design & Technology proves to be a very popular subject at school and children are very keen to participate in extra-curricular workshops throughout the year.  

Cookery forms a vital part of the Design and Technology and our provision has recently been enhanced with the construction of a designated cookery room.

Click here to view the Statutory Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets for Design & Technology.