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Vision and Values

Our mission at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School is to educate our children to reach their full potential in the context of a Catholic community in which each individual shares, or is in sympathy with, the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Christian way of life.

Our core values of equality, excellence, kindness, forgiveness, perseverance, friendship, courage, service and respect were chosen by our pupils to be the overriding principles to which the whole school aspires, together with our school motto, “Love one another as I have loved you” John 13:34.

We seek to make St Elizabeth’s School a secure, happy and inclusive environment that is a place:

  • of the highest quality teaching and learning;
  • of compassion, co-operation and reconciliation;
  • where each child is seen and appreciated as a unique individual;
  • in which every child’s talents are developed and their needs met;
  • where mistakes are learning opportunities;
  • in which all children are empowered to keep themselves safe and healthy;
  • where endeavour and excellence are encouraged and celebrated;
  • in which cultural diversity is respected and valued.

We value worshipping and celebrating together, sharing our Christian witness and drawing strength from and serving our local parishes and the wider community.

We are committed to providing a positive school environment which is free from prejudice and unlawful discrimination and any form of harassment, bullying or victimisation.