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Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 Class Page.  

Curriculum Information for Parents and Carers – Year 2 Autumn Term 2023

The Autumn Term is here and we would like to share with you a summary of what your child will be learning in class.  We would also like to share some ways that you can support your child at home.

Detailed information about the topics can be found in the Knowledge Organisers.  The Knowledge Organisers contain the key vocabulary and learning for each topic and you can look at these with your child over the course of the term. 


Children will be writing their own poetry using adjectives for effect, writing a character description using conjunctions, retelling a familiar story and writing a set of instructions based on topic work.


Number and Place Value: Numbers to 20.  Count objects to 100 by making 10s.  Recognise tens and ones.  Use a place value chart and partition numbers to 100.  Write numbers to 100 in words and expanded form.  Add 10s and 1s  on a number line to 100.  Estimate numbers on a number line.  Order objects and numbers.  Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Count in 3s.


Family - Beginnings: In this topic, the children will explore how God is present in every beginning.  Children will be able to talk about their experience and feelings about new beginnings.  Children will be able to retell and describe the story of Creation as a religious story.

Belonging - Signs and Symbols: This topic focuses on Christian signs and symbols that speak of God’s mysterious presence in the world and in our lives.  Children will ask and respond to questions about signs and symbols used in everyday life and know the difference between a sign and a symbol.

Other Faiths - Judaism: Focusing on prayer at home and Shabbat.

Advent/Christmas - Preparations: In this topic, the children will explore how God has prepared his people for the coming of Jesus.


‘Material Monsters’: The children will identify and compare the sustainability of a variety of everyday materials.

‘Squash, Bend, Twist and Shape’: The children will find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and shaping.


Remembrance - Local Heroes: In this topic, the children will learn about the lives of some of the most significant people in the history of their locality.


Weather and Seasons: In this topic, the children will learn about weather and seasons in the local area as well as looking at the wider perspective of the UK.


Autumn Half Term 1: What is a computer? Children will be able to name some computer peripherals and their functions and explain that technology follows instructions.  The children will design an invention which includes inputs and outputs.

Autumn Half Term 2: Algorithms and debugging Children will explain what an algorithm is, follow an algorithm and explain what inputs and outputs are.  The children will decompose a design into steps and identify bugs in an algorithm and how to fix them.


Autumn Half Term 1 - Keyboard (Rhythm and pulse) Create own rhythms.  Aurally identify different rhythms.  Pulse work in 4/4 and ¾.  Tap the pulse on their chests.  Be able to accurately identify the difference between ta and titi rhythms.  Use Keyboard to cement knowledge.

Autumn Half Term 2 - Nativity Diaphragm, projection, performance skills; singing posture, projection and using actions.


Fundamental Skills: Children will explore balancing, running, changing direction, jumping, hopping and skipping.

Sending and Receiving: Children will develop their throwing and catching, rolling, kicking, tracking and stopping a ball.  They will be given opportunities to work with a range of different sized balls and apply their skills individually, in pairs and in small groups.

Ball Skills: Children will explore their ball skills, such as hitting a target, dribbling with both hands and feet and kicking a ball.

Dance: Children will explore space and how their body can move to express an idea, mood, character or feeling. They will explore their knowledge of travelling actions and use them in relation to a stimulus.  Children will use counts of 8 consistently to keep in time with the music and a partner.


Drawing - Tell a story: Using a storybook illustration as a stimulus, children will develop their mark-making to explore a wider range of tools and experiment with creating texture to add detail to drawings.

Design and Technology

Mechanisms - Making a moving monster: In this topic, the children will design a moving monster and select and assemble materials to create their planned features.  The children will use levers, linkages and pivots in their final design.

RHE (Relationship and Health Education)

The children will explore that we all have different feelings at different times and different likes and dislikes too. The children will also learn about consequences of choices and what we do when it all goes wrong.

Educational Visits

In Autumn Half Term 2, we will be visiting the Richmond Museum to learn about World War 1 for our history topic, ‘Remembrance.’

How you can help your child at home

  • Reading daily and talking about the book - recalling what has happened
  • Completing Phonics/Spellings Homework
  • Helping with Maths homework
  • Providing support with half termly projects
  • Lots of talking! This helps build understanding of the world around us, as well as vocabulary