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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 Class Page.  

Curriculum Information for Parents and Carers – Year 5 Spring Term 2024

The Spring Term is here and we would like to share with you a summary of what your child will be learning in class.  We would also like to share some ways that you can support your child at home.

Detailed information about the topics can be found in the Knowledge Organisers at the bottom of this page.  The Knowledge Organisers contain the key vocabulary and learning for each topic and you can look at these with your child over the course of the term. 


The text that we will study in the first half of the Spring Term will be the book Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.  We will have a focus on the language and style of the author and use this to re-write parts of the story. We will also look at poetry with a focus on imagery and a non-chronological report based on the city of Manaus, all related to our class text.

In the second half term we will continue reading Journey to the River Sea.

During Book and Arts Week, we will have lots of engaging and exciting activities linked to the English Curriculum.


Throughout this term the children will be focusing on a range of mathematical concepts including:

  • Multiplication and Division - we will look at finding the most efficient methods to solve problems involving multiplication and division for numbers up to four digits.
  • Fractions - we will learn how to multiply fractions, use fractions as an operation and calculate fractions of quantities.
  • Decimals and Percentages - we will learn how to order and compare decimals up to 3 decimal places and calculate decimals as percentages.
  • Perimeter and Area - we will learn to calculate the area and perimeter of rectangular and compound shapes and look at estimating area.
  • Statistics - we will read, interpret and draw line graphs, use line graphs to solve problems, read and interpret tables and look at timetables.

In the topic of Mission, we will learn about the mission of inspirational leaders.  We will learn about how dioceses continue the work and mission of Jesus, including Christian Unity.

In the topic of Freedom and Responsibility, we will learn how each person has free will and the power to choose. We will learn about God’s rules for living freely and responsibility through the study of The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes.

In the topic of Sacrifice, we will learn about the costs of giving.  We will learn that Lent is a time of giving in
preparation for the celebration of Easter.


This half term, we will be learning about Earth and Space.  We will be learning about heliocentric and geocentric models and we will be able to compare and describe both.  We will be learning about night and day and how the seasons work.  We will describe the orbits of celestial bodies in the Solar System and name the force that keeps them in their orbits.

In the next half term, we will be learning about life cycles and reproduction.


This term, we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons.  We will have particular focus on why they came to Britain and what impact they had on Britain.  We will be learning about their settlements and comparing these to previous learning of prehistoric civilisations.  We will also be learning about their beliefs and how missionaries spread Christianity.


In the next half term, we will be looking at our oceans.  We will identify the water cycle and be able to explain how it works.  We will learn and describe how oceans are used for human activity.  The Great Barrier Reef in Australia will be studied and we will look at the benefits of it.  We will be able to explain some actions that we can take to support healthy oceans.  We will participate in fieldwork looking at the River Thames and suggest improvements for it.


This term, we will have a focus on Mars Rover.

The children will be learning the different types of data that a Mars Rover can collect and how it transmits data back to Earth.  The children will learn how to read binary and identify input, processing and output on the Mars Rovers.

The children will be learning about pixel pictures and will be able to create one.  They will be able to explain the ‘fetch, decode, execute’ cycle in relation to real-world situations.  The children will create a profile with a safe and suitable username and password and begin to use 3D design tools.


In the spring term, we will learn words for parts of the body, pencil case and classroom items, as well as express our opinions on different animals.  We will also cover how to form numbers from 69-100.


Spring Half Term 1: Ground Bass - We will be developing our keyboard and composition skills through studying ground bass music (classical music where the bass line repeats throughout the entire piece).  Pupils will play one of the most famous ground bass pieces - Pachelbel’s canon - and also compose using bandlab on the chromebooks in the style of a ground bass piece of music.

Spring Half Term 2: Ukulele - We will develop our ukulele skills that we started in Year 3, so that we can play with accuracy at least the four main chords (C, G, Am and F), as well as a myriad of other chords with the aim to perform a song to the rest of the class.


Gymnastics: We will create longer sequences individually, with a partner and a small group.  We will learn a wider range of actions such as inverted movements to include cartwheels and handstands.

Swimming: We will focus on swimming more fluently and with increased confidence and control.

Netball: We will develop defending and attacking play during even-sided 5-a-side netball games.  We will learn to use a range of different passes to keep possession, attack towards a goal, and strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition.

Tennis: We will learn specific skills such as a forehand, backhand, volley and underarm serve.


In the spring term in Art, we will be relating our Art with our Science topic of Space.  We will be learning about retro-futurism and what it means.  We will be looking at particular art pieces to do with space and answering simple questions along with class discussions about these art pieces.  We will be creating a collagraph plate using different materials.

Design and Technology

In the next half term, we will be learning about cooking and nutrition.  The children, by the end, will adapt a recipe and make bolognese.  The children will describe the process of beef production.  They will research a traditional recipe and make any changes to it.  They will adapt this recipe and add any nutritional value to this by selecting different ingredients.

RHSE (Relationship, Health and Sex Education)

In RHE, we will discuss issues around body image and peer pressure.  We will also consider how people behave and react to their feelings and emotions, and how these feelings can change quickly.  We will reflect on how to manage feelings that can seem uncontrollable.

Educational Visits

This term we will be having our first ever overnight trip at Sayers Croft.  More information regarding this trip will be shared at a specific meeting scheduled for this half term.  

We will have a workshop on Space in school, where we will have the Explorer Dome come in and show children what it is like to be in space. They will explore our planet, moon, sun and solar system, see how they move and what we see in the sky.  

We will also participate in a maths workshop to develop our problem solving skills.  

Book and Arts Week will be the Week beginning 11th March.

How you can help your child at home

  • Daily reading.
  • Freckle Maths.
  • Times Tables Rock Stars.
  • Comprehension Homework.
  • Maths Revision Homework.
  • Practising the weekly spellings and Year 5 word lists.