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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 Class Page.  

Curriculum Information for Parents and Carers – Year 6 Spring Term 2024

The Spring Term is here and we would like to share with you a summary of what your child will be learning in class.  We would also like to share some ways that you can support your child at home.

Detailed information about the topics can be found in the Knowledge Organisers at the bottom of this page.  The Knowledge Organisers contain the key vocabulary and learning for each topic and you can look at these with your child over the course of the term. 


Throughout the term, we will be reading Skellig and Odysseus.  These texts will provide many opportunities for writing, such as non-chronological reports, narratives and balanced arguments.


For Maths this term, we will be looking at Ratio and Proportion and how these relate to real life problems like  recipes.

Algebra will follow this and we will be learning about function machines, formulae and equations. 

For Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, we will be learning and recognising the relationship between these three elements.  We will also be learning about perimeter, area and volume and applying these to real life problems.  To finish the term, we will be learning about statistics, particularly interpreting graphs and creating graphs.


For RE this term, we will be learning about the bible and its importance for us and how it taught us about God’s love for his people.  We will also learn how to reference the bible as well as knowing the different parts of the bible.

We will learn about the sacrament Anointing of the Sick.  We will learn about why this sacrament is important and how it occurs during mass, as well as at home or in a hospital.  We will also identify symbols and actions used throughout the sacrament.

Also this term, in the lead up to Easter, we will learn about Death and New Life.  We will describe and show
understanding of religious sources, beliefs connected with Lent, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.


Evolution and Inheritance: We will be looking at how our parents produce offspring of the same kind but how we are not identical to our parents.  We will recognise how fossils help us and give us information on organisms that lived on earth millions of years ago.  We will also be learning about adaptations and how different animals adapt to their environments.

Light and Reflection: Proving that light travels in a straight line, we will use this information to explain 
observations of reflection and shadows.  We will investigate the effect of moving an object away from the surface it casts a shadow on and the relationship between the incoming and reflected rays on a mirrored surface.


In Spring Half Term 2, we will be learning about Ancient Greece.  We will learn about aspects of political, social and cultural Ancient Greek life.  We will focus on some areas in depth, such as the systems of government, religion and the importance of the Olympic Games.


In Spring Half Term 1, we will be learning about how and why population changes.  We will investigate why certain parts of the world are more populated than others; explore birth and death rates; discuss social, economic and environmental push and pull factors and learn about the population in Britain and its impacts.


In Spring Half Term 1, we will be using the programming language of Python.  We will learn about loops and 
nested loops and understand and use Python to program basic commands.

In Spring Half Term 2, we will begin the first of our Big Data units.  We will learn about barcodes and create our own QR codes and learn how infrared and radio frequency are used in the transmission of data.


This term, we will learn French vocabulary for hobbies and time, as well as the names for places and shops in our local environment.  We will use descriptions and opinions on these topics to contribute to the end of year presentations.


Spring Half Term 1: Blues - We will learn where blues music came from and the cultural significance it has upon the music we listen to today.  We will learn to play the 12 bar blues chord sequence, the blues scale and work towards playing the walking bass line on the keyboards.  We will also develop composition skills through creating our own blues song and performing it to the rest of the class.

Spring Half Term 2: BCR! (Baroque Classical Romantic) - We will learn about some of the most famous composers from Western Classical Tradition and learn how to play some famous melodies by these composers - as a class but also individually.


Swimming: We will focus on swimming more fluently and with increased confidence and control.  We will 
continue to develop technique and may learn personal survival techniques and how to stay safe around water.

Netball: We will develop defending and attacking play during even-sided 5-a-side netball games.  We will learn to use a range of different passes to keep possession, attack towards a goal, and strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition.

Tennis: We will be learning specific skills such as a forehand, backhand, volley and underarm serve.  We will
develop our tactical awareness, including how to play with a partner and against another pair.

Cricket: We will be developing the range and quality of striking and fielding skills and our understanding of
cricket.  We will further develop the different roles of bowler, wicket keeper, fielder and batter.


In Spring Half Term 1, we will be studying photography and developing our photography skills.  We will be
looking at composition, colour, light, abstract images and underlying messages.  We will become familiar with the work of Edward Wesont and gain a new perspective on the way we look at the people and objects around us.

Design and Technology

In Spring Half Term 2, we will be designing and sewing waistcoats.

RHSE (Relationship, Health and Sex Education)

In RHE, we will be focusing on staying safe online.  We will discuss what content we can share online and with whom.  We will discuss rules to keep us safe and explore what behaviour is acceptable online.  We will also consider how people behave and react to their feelings and emotions, and how these feelings can change quickly.

Educational Visits

We will be participating in an Explorer Dome workshop focusing on our science topic of Light and Reflection.  

We will also be participating in Junior Citizens Day in Holly Lodge in Richmond Park.  We will learn about keeping safe and real life situations in the world in a fun manner. 

We will also be taking part in Cycling Proficiency, where we will learn how to ride on the roads and to keep safe while cycling. 

Books and Arts week will be celebrated in March and we will also participate in a maths workshop to develop our problem solving skills.

How you can help your child at home

  • At home you should continue to read daily for 20 minutes.
  • You should practise your times tables and Freckle Maths for 20 minutes daily.
  • Be aware of your child’s homework timetable and ensure that your child is completing the correct task for the correct day.